What Is Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based automation platform for multi-channel marketing
Salesforce provides an extensive ecosystem of cloud services to automate business across a wide range of industries. Marketing Cloud is a part of this ecosystem. As the name implies, Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based marketing automation tool. Deeply personalized marketing automation tool where each client can follow his own personalized chain of communications (so-called journeys) within one campaign.

Marketing Cloud allows you to build all kinds of communications around a single Client Id. This Id can tie all sorts of data from the basic Email and phone to the color of a client's dog.

Available channels
Triggered and single sends, mass sends, communication chains, open/click tracking
Personalized SMS sends to any country
Push notifications
Easy-to-use integration with your mobile application
Ad services
Create ad audiences for Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc
Social Networks
Social listening, sentiment analysis, social posting schedule, post-to-case, post-to-lead functionality
Any service with API
Any other services which could be connected through API or FTP
Historically, Marketing Cloud evolved from the ExactTarget Email Marketing tool purchased by Salesforce in 2013. Since then Salesforce bought and attached to Marketing Cloud several different tools a year. Though not integrating their data and capabilities properly. As you understand, not always it had a positive effect on stability and usability of the platform. At some point, it began to seem that Marketing Cloud is literally a page with a set of frames leading to almost unrelated interfaces.

Since the end of 2017, Salesforce has taken up the development of the platform seriously:
  • Engaged in an unprecedented integration process of all the disparate tools which inhabited the Marketing Cloud interface
  • Established a release policy with five releases per year, each of which extends the functionality of the platforms

Salesforce disassembles the marketing services purchased earlier and reassembles a real spaceship from their parts. Which is good news for both business users and Marketing Cloud integrators. Not to mention all the customers who will receive relevant offers. If campaigns were built properly off course. Otherwise customers are at risk of getting irrelevant spam through all the channels they use